Finding A New Family Hobby

Everybody needs a hobby or two in life, to pass idle time away and keep the creative juices flowing. When you’re on a budget though, finding cheap hobbies is a necessity. If you don’t have enough spare change to restore yachts in your spare time, consider downsizing the budget without sacrificing fun.


If you’ve got a patch of dirt or even a pot of it, you’ve got gardening at your fingertips. Although enthusiastic gardeners can spend a fortune on their craft, you don’t have to! Seeds can be purchased for less than a dollar a package, and all the containers you need can probably be obtained for free. Look on Craigslist or other online classifieds, ask your neighbor or perhaps cleaning out your garage will yield a few pots. Add water and sunlight and you’ve got a fun and relaxing way to spend some time. Take out a few library books on the subject and add reading to your hobby repertoire until you’re a full fledged master and can grow just about anything you desire.


Among the most popular hobbies is collecting various creations from mother nature. Consider fossils, feathers from rare birds or shells and other items animals shed. If you get to know the area you live in well, you can likely predict the interesting discoveries yet to be made right in your own backyard. Seashells are a favorite of many collectors. They can also help you decorate your bathroom or bedroom in unique and natural style. Place a few large shells on the windowsill of your kitchen and add a votive candle. Your hobby becomes functional and fragrant! Nearly anything can become a collectible, because value is in the eye of the beholder.


Writing in any form isn’t just a fun and economical hobby, it’s downright therapeutic! Start a blog on any number of free websites you can quickly find through a simple search. Then enjoy the opportunity to vent about politics or social issues that are on your mind. Type about your ex-spouse, 35 year old son who still lives with you or the perils of home improvement you’ve encountered lately. You might eventually gain an audience, but even if you don’t you will have discovered an enormously helpful hobby that you’re probably already paying the bill for.


One hobby that never goes out of style and doesn’t cost much, if anything, is exploring the world around you. Take a hike up a mountain or through a state park. The fresh air is a bonus and you’ll also benefit from the exercise. Many people enjoy exploring as a hobby in pairs because it’s less lonely and if you’re in good company, the conversation is excellent.


Personal improvement is something that most people resolve to get around to, but few actually do. If you are in search of a hobby, why not take up yoga or reading? Practice various arts that will help increase your self-discipline and concentration. Learn something new every day with a book, and put it to good use somehow. Vow to exercise regularly or become qualified for a promotion at work. Benjamin Franklin once said “Time lost is never found again.” and he was quite right. Picture yourself at some point in the future: What will you be most pleased at having accomplished looking back? Immerse yourself in that now and get something to be proud of out of your hobby.


Volunteering of your time is one hobby that really won’t cost you much, but that can reward you quite handsomely! Consider performing your favorite magic tricks at the local children’s hospital or simply reading the daily newspaper to the elderly at a nearby nursing home. There are many ways to devote yourself to others that can take just an afternoon or half of your heart, the choice is yours. One thing is for certain though, helping is sure to become your favorite hobby.

Cheap hobbies that are enjoyable are not too hard to come by if you use a little imagination. Don’t just sit there with time on your hands, find new and interesting ways to have fun, help others and make your world a better place to live in.